Getting to Know The President of Central Consolidated, Inc.

Joseph Samia has been with Central Consolidated since 1992. He started as a Project Engineer and has served as the President of Central since 2001.

  1.  Before working at Central, what was the most unusual or interesting job you have had? Working on a trout farm and serving it at their restaurant which included cleaning it.
  2.  Who is the most influential person in your life? Both, my mom and dad pushed me really hard while growing up and always talked about work ethics and integrity.
  3.  Hobbies and Interests outside of work? Golfing and now spending time with my granddaughters.
  4.  Interesting fact about yourself or something that would surprise us. Made two hole-in-ones. Unfortunately it is not skill but luck!
  5.  What was your dream job/career when growing up? Have my own business as a Mechanical Engineer – living it now!
  6.  What has been your favorite project so far? The most fulfilling project was an industrial waste water lift station design for an aircraft company. The challenge was to fit a large enough tank (in a small building) to keep up with the process water produced. It had multiple stage pumps and level controls that pumped it to the main waste water treatment plant.