Central Consolidated has a metal fabrication shop dedicated to making the metal pieces our customers need and want. From stainless-steel equipment to fabulous works of art, Central has been making quality custom metal for more than 30 years.

Tell our talented team what you need and where you need it, and we’ll design and build the perfect solution. We can build to-suit with all new parts, or we can work within your existing structure and incorporate modifications in a number of settings and in a number of specialized areas.

Industrial Ovens

Central is experienced at building and replacing the ovens and drying systems your company may need. We also relocate and build ductwork for existing ovens helping you keep these vital systems functioning.

Paint Booths

Central has built paint booths needed for small parts, all the way up to freestanding booths used to paint road construction vehicles. Regular paint booths, powder coating or gel coat, we understand your needs and can help you get up and running. Whether you simply need a booth installed, or if you need one designed and built to your specific needs, we have the experience to make it happen.


Whether you need a complete tank line or just a single tank with custom requirements, Central can build what you need. Our people have the experience and know-how to make a tank that can work within your production line, or help you create a production line from start-to-finish.

We can also design and build customized ventilation systems to accompany all of these applications are functioning smoothly and safely.